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Getting Started Checklist

Welcome to i2 Labs. At its core, i2 Labs offers you ways to connect with students conducting research across the country, show off your progress, and to reach researchers that want to collaborate with you. But we also offer general guidance on getting started and leading successful research groups. This is a checklist which you can begin right now to get started creating a team that will push the boundaries of intelligence research. There are several tracks to consider

  1. You are a part of an existing organization which focuses on Computer Science
  2. You are a part of an existing organization which focuses on Neuroscience
  3. You are an individual who would to like to start a team from scratch

Different groups may be at different stages of progress, but this guide is designed so that even if you’re starting from scratch you will succeed. You may not want to start a new research project and instead may want to skip many steps of this guide. That is completely okay. 

You may be a Neuroscience focused Journal Club that has never participated in research. That is also okay!

We have outlined steps that anyone can take to get started. If you follow this guide, we guarantee that you will succeed in creating a group of passionate students in the intersections of ML, AI, neuroscience and more. Let’s get started!

Case 1: [i2 Labs] CS Org. Getting Started Checklist

Case 2: [i2 Labs] Neuro. Org. Getting Started Checklist

Case 3: [i2 Labs] Individuals Getting Started Checklist

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