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Hi <name>,

My name is <name> and I am a <major> major interested in machine learning and neuroscience. I am trying to start an organization here and would love to attract multidisciplinary people. 

The club is called <Interactive Intelligence> (I2) and it will be an undergraduate research group. The research of I2 is focuses on fusing machine learning and neuroscience to study intelligence. I attached a flyer and wrote a blurb below and would really appreciate it if you might be able to send it in an email to <some major> majors!

Also, if you have any general advice or recommendations I would love to hear it!

Thanks, <name>


There is a new club called Interactive Intelligence (I2) whose purpose is to conduct undergraduate research fusing machine learning and neuroscience to study and create human-like intelligence!

Details on how to get involved are posted in the attached!

<attach flyer>