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Case 3: Individuals Starting a Team

You’re passionate about understanding the complexities of the human mind by engineering and creating one? Welcome.

  • To begin, create an account on the i2 Labs website if you don’t already have one!

Next, form a Discord server. It will be empty at first, but not for long!

  • Create an account or sign in, click the plus button to Add a Server, and complete the “Create My Own” option

Now, this step is the scariest but never fear, it’s easier than you think

  • Recruit at least 5 members

    • Put up posters! Go to Canva and create an account or login.

    • Download this template: [i2 Labs] Recruiting Template.pdf

      • On Canva, click Add New, then Upload and select the downloaded template
      • Fill it out with your team’s information
      • Use Free QR Code Generator - Canva to add a QR code to your team Discord, the link to which can be found by clicking Invite Members in your Discord server. Make sure to set the link to Never Expires.

This one is trickier, but if successful guarantees members, and we’re gonna make it as smooth as possible for you:

  • Email your CS, neuroscience, biology, informatics departments etc and ask about mailing lists you can send info to

    • If you are on university email lists for your major, find out who runs them, and email them
    • Google <your university> + <computer science or neuroscience> clubs, <your university> + <computer science or neuroscience> student organizations, or something along those lines
    • Using the results find someone responsible for managing academic organizations and email them the following: [i2 Labs] Faculty Recruitment Template
  • Post on a university-specific academic forums (for example, UW uses Edstem)

  • Go to, create an account if necessary. Search your university subreddit, and post the following, as well as attaching the poster you created before:

[i2 Labs] Reddit Template

Next, your team needs a website. This step is not immediately crucial, but will become so in the near future, so might as well get a head start! We will walk you through the process of creating a Github Pages site, but you are more than welcome to use other means instead.

  • (optional but encouraged!) Create a website

    • If you have no prior web dev experience, but are familiar with Github, you may prefer to follow this guide: Quickstart for GitHub Pages and then subsequently use this website template: [Just the Class A Jekyll template for course websites]({:target=”_blank”}
    • If you are less inclined towards code / HTML, you can always go the website builder route. Here are some options: Best Free Website Builders (January 2023)
  • Set up weekly meetings

    • Create a when2meet and send an announcement in your Discord server
  • Set up weekly journal clubs to learn and explore more about CS and neuro topics

    • Create a when2meet and send an announcement in your Discord server
    • Reserve a room at your university for the time decided (if you can’t find a space, check out libraries, engineering buildings, or any lesser known building that may have some free rooms!)
    • Email one of your former CS professors to discuss speaking at your journal club! Here is a template you can use: [i2 Labs] JC Invitation Template

Congratulations!! You are ready to register for i2 Labs and you are WELL on your way to a roller coaster journey of research and discovery!!! We are excited to work with you and continue helping your team create and grow.

  • Crown your achievements by registering your team for i2 Labs

Now to get started with the next phase: Research. Don’t worry, we have lots of guides to help you out :)

Finally, and maybe most importantly, teach your team! Explore the worlds of machine learning, intelligence research, and neuroscience.